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To Write is to Live

Writing Days
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Writing practice is showing up at the page. It's running the scales, executing the movements. It's writing for the experience of it, forming the words, capturing the images, filling the pages.

One of the best things about writing practice is that it is practice. It's not supposed to be perfect. You're free to make mistakes, fool around, take risks.

This is what happens: By taking the time for writing practice, you are honoring yourself as a writer. When you write on a daily basis, your self-confidence increases. You learn what you want to write about and what matters to you as a writer.

In writing practice, you poke around in your pysche; you grieve and heal and discover things about yourself you never knew. And this is the truth: your writing really does get better.

- Judy Reeves, A Writer's Book of Days


Writing Days

This is a community based off of Judy Reeve's writing handbook, A Writer's Book of Days. We are in no way associated with her or her publisher; we just love her book and all that it has taught us.

Actually, we enourage everyone in this community to go out and buy her book, because there is so much in it that we won't even touch upon. Every page teaches you something new, something that will help you so much in your writing life.

This is a closed membership community. In order to be considered for membership, you need to post a comment to this thread, and we will let you know shortly if you can join. We are not doing this to be elitist; we are doing this to ensure that everyone is in this for the same reasons - and for the right reasons.

Here's the deal:

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays: A writing prompt will be posted in the morning, hopefully before 10:00 EST.
Saturdays: A day for revisions, reworking, or revisiting previously posted pieces or prompts that you wanted to try and didn't or want to try again.
Every other day: This is a freewrite day.

Important Posts to read before asking to join
1. Community Membership
2. Writing Prompts
3. Freewriting
4. Introductory Posts
5. Constructive Criticism
6. Saturday Sessions

Please, no posting anything off-topic. No plugs for other communities. You are allowed one introductory post. Off-topic posts will be deleted and three strikes and you're out. This is a writing community, not a chatting one.

Anything of questionable nature should be labelled as so and put behind a cut. This includes, but is not limited to, sex, rape, violence, excessive swearing, and drug use. Thank you.

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