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I know that I am probably one of the few people in this group who actually lives in the Pittsburgh area, but I have a few questions for all of you, regardless of where you live.

- First, if you do live in the Pittsburgh area, do you go to any poetry readings, open mic nights, or writing groups outside of school? If so, where are they and how do you find out about them? How many people show up?

- If you are not in the area, are there many groups that have open mic nights, workshops, book review groups, etc in your area? If not, do you think there is a reason for this? If there are groups, do a lot of people go to them and how do they publicize?

- If someone (*cough*me*cough*) were to create a website of all of the book and literary journal releases, book signings, publishing parties, open mic nights, workshop groups, etc in the Pittsburgh area, do you think that this would help the writing community in the city at all or would it be an effort in futility?
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