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Because I suck a lot, not only did I start my sentence with the word "because", I also keep forgetting to check to make sure that people are actually posting their request before clicking on the link to join this community. I am going to be much more thorough on that now that I have realized my error, just so all of you know.

We try to be a more serious writing community, and the only thing that we ask people to do is read our user-info and rules, make sure that they understand, and then post one comment in our first post letting us know that you actually do want to write and/or critique. This is why we have a smaller number of members than the communities that allow people to join en masse, regardless of activity level. If, when you click on the link, it's unavailable, go to the calendar and access it from there. I made sure that I could not two minutes ago.

That being said, I'm going to the bridal show today (not because I'm getting married. It's a work thing. We host weddings and receptions and rehearsal dinners and such and I get to go for free because my boss is cool like that.) but when I get back, I am going to post a prompt, and we'll see how that works out. It may very well have to do with crazy gold-mining women, or the niceness of loads of flowers and white tulle, depending on how my day goes.
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