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In relation to the first part of my last post

Hello again, everyone. After reading the comments that I received on the last entry I have a couple of ideas for all of you to consider and give me your feedback on.

First, I wanted to thank everyone who helped me out with my story. I wrote another three or four pages last night and all of you who gave me advice helped me immensely.

Okay, all being dorky aside (who am I kidding? Honestly.) I do have a couple of ideas for what we can do to get this community back up to the level of activity that we had less than a year ago (or thereabouts). I got most of these ideas from talking to katshakespeare and reading the comments that were left by a couple of you on the previous post.

Numbered for your commenting convenience:

1. I have noticed that some people do not desire as harsh of a critique as others do in this community. Now, personally, I enjoy giving and receiving such critiques as it helps me a lot, but not everyone is like me in that regard. On Deviantart they have an option to set the level of critique that you desire on a specific piece of writing or art (advanced, normal, discouraged, none). I may try instituting something like that around here. That way people who really want to get a lot of critique on their work can let us know and people who just want to share can also do so without feeling intimidated.

2. Honestly I am really not sure how many of you are poetry writers versus how many of you are fiction writers. That being the case, whenever I post a prompt or something of that nature, if I post something that is mainly a "poem" kind of prompt, I will also post something for you fiction writers out there and vice versa. We are still mainly going to be using A Writer's Book of Days as it is, after all, what this community was started on, but at the same time, I would also like to start doing some different prompts, mostly because, as a poet I feel that the prompts, which are supposed to be automatic, rarely lead me to poetry. If anyone disagrees, please let me know. I really want you all to give me your input.

3. For every single prompt that I post, either myself or katshakespeare will do something to respond to it. If she is too busy to do any of them, then I will do all of them. Also, I will do my very best to give comments and critiques. We will still mainly be posting prompts on Monday Wednesday and Friday, but I think I may end up talking to katshakespeare about loosening up our rule about not posting anything else on prompt days. If you need help on a poem that is due tomorrow you should be able to get that help before the due date for the poem has already come and gone.

4. Not to toot my own horn too much or anything, but I am fairly knowledgeable about the formal aspects of poetry (meter, form, history of the different forms, rhyme schemes, etc.) as well as surrealism, dada, and magic realism. If anyone wants to do a short workshop/explanation of any one form or technique in particular, I would be more than happy to post a number of definitions of different types of poetry and poetic technique, along with links and resources. I have a website with an interactive meter quiz on it bookmarked and everything. If this would interest you guys, let me know.

5. However, I am not the best person to talk to about fiction. If you have lots of fiction questions, you may want to direct those toward katshakespeare instead.

6. Any more ideas or questions? Please let me know! Comment or drop me an IM!
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