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November 1

Well, it's the start of the month and the start of NaNo.

I don't know why I'm doing it, to be honest, what with a fanfiction in full swing, two lit. papers due this month, and a fiction workshop, but I suppose every little bit of writining helps.

I started at 12:01am this morning, and I thought I'd share a paragraph and a word count, just to get the ball rolling. I had an idea for the story, you see, and as I started, it began to morph into something different, yet at the same time it's still very similar. I think what the problem is right now is that I'm writing exposition and background, you know, that stuff that the writer always knows but doesn't write down. Still, I may eventually end up going back and expanding on the actions and working chapters and fully fledged scenes out of them.

Feel free to give me feedback, to post your own processes, excerpts, and frustrations when you feel like banging your head off something hard and sharp. After all, we're all writers and we're all here to help each other out. And I don't want this community to die.

Meghan and Megan did everything together. When their parents finally agreed to send them both to summer camp for week, it was all they could talk about for weeks. The last weeks of school were filled with camping questions and bragging rights to friends who weren’t fortunate enough to get a week at summer camp. They talked of riding horses and swimming in the lake (although Meghan didn’t like when the lake scum got caught on her feet) and roasting marshmallows over the fire. Megan said that she wanted to learn some songs and would her older sister (who’d been to camp before) teach some to her? Emily, who had at one time been the tomboy type, the type to play football in the backyard with the neighborhood boys and fall asleep in the mud before dinner, said she couldn’t remember any; she liked dresses and boys and make-up now. She didn’t even have her old songbook anymore, she said, and that was that.


Meghan had trouble carrying both her duffel bag and sleeping bag, especially since her pillow hung lopsidedly off the side of her bag, which was slung over her shoulder, and what should have only taken about five minutes worth of walking took instead fifteen, mostly because Meghan insisted that she could manage just fine, even though Megan’s mother offered numerous times to give her a hand. She managed alright, but not before her pillow slid off and landed on the dirt path. Megan’s mother brushed it off quickly and told Meghan just to make sure she slept with that side down. Despite a momentary quiver of the lower lip out of disappointment of herself, Meghan recovered.

They were disappointed, at first, that they couldn’t just choose whichever tent they felt like, but felt better when they found they weren’t closest to the counselors, which is what they immediately feared. In fact, they were three tents away, and since they had arrived early, they had first pick of the beds (so long as they were not sleeping head to head, that is). They chose the two beds in the front of the tent, and both a little nervous about sleeping with their heads towards the outside, set up so that their tentmates would be stuck facing the dark patch of shrubs and trees behind the tent. Neither of them wanted any strange critter joining them in bed in the middle of the night.

Megan’s mother kissed and hugged them both good-bye and headed out, leaving the girls alone to figure out which way the sheet went on the bed and where to put their bags of toiletries. They were still chattering animatedly when their counselor came over to make sure everything was going alright. She told them that their tentmates had just arrived too, and they would be coming over soon enough.

NaNo Word Count: 1,865
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I'm interested in these girls. How old are they, by the way?

Also, um, maybe it's just me but I'm having a bit of a hard time with the Megan/Meghan distinction. They really, really seriously seem like the same person.

But I like this, though. Write more. Yay.
I was shooting for around 10 or so, but they seem younger to me sometimes, so I'm not entirely sure right now.

As for the Meghan/Megan thing, they're supposed to seem like the same person.

And I've been writing more. It's crazy. I'm wondering how the heck I had the time to write an update on my Clay story.
Interesting! And a camp story...I'm a fan of those!
Oh man. While I completely get the characterization that you're doing with the same names and the same attitudes and so on and so forth, man will that get confusing for me after a while. Woo! I'll probably have to re-read everything a couple times. It's possible that I'm the only mentally deficient one out there, but unless the two Megans are going to start getting slightly less screen time and give way to a different main character, I seriously might consider giving them similar, but not the same names. Then again, if it doesn't matter if I know who is doing what at any given moment...

You did a good job making them appear young. A lot of authors have a ton of trouble doing that, but you don't seem to, and seeing as you are going to be writing a story that looks to be involving a lot of young characters, that is a very good thing.

I like the detail about Emily in the beginning. Will we see any more of her?
I understand the craziness of the characters. To be honest, I started writing with the intent just to have a background to set up for a bigger camp story focusing on one of them, but it's seemed to have morphed into theirs. Which is crazy times.

And thank you. The girls are fun to write.
Interesting beginning. A bit confusing, but interesting. The Megan/Meghan dynamic is interesting, especially to me, whose name is Megan and best friend is Meghan.